Filter Vs No filter

The main difference between HEPA air purifier and negative ion generator is the way to remove air impurities.

The high-efficiency filter purifier captures pollutants when the air passes through the high-density physical filter, and then sends clean and fresh air to the room. This process is repeated continuously after the product power switch is turned on, which can keep the indoor air free of pollutants.

If new impurities enter the room (such as smoke), this device drags these particles into the filter and prevents them from returning to the room.

The negative ion generator binds harmful particles by releasing charged ions into the air. After binding, these particles will become heavy and difficult to stay in the air. The result is that the contaminants fall on the floor or a special collection tray, which is then cleaned up by the homeowner.

Compared with negative ion generators, the advantage of HEPA air purifiers is to truly capture air pollutants.

On the other hand, since the negative ion generator only allows particles to fall from the air to the ground, it is easy for them to re-enter the air due to walking. This will cause impurities to circulate endlessly from the ground to the air. Although the effect of the product with the collecting plate is better, it is not perfect.


Difference in maximum coverage area

Since the HEPA purifier uses a physical filter, the maximum coverage area is not as wide as the negative ion generator.

In fact, the maximum purification space of air purifiers with HEPA filters on the market is 700 square meters. Although this is sufficient for most families, it is not enough for large office spaces.

In comparison, some negative ion generators have a maximum purification space of 3,500 square meters.


Design and style selection

The design and style choices of negative ion generators are very limited. Most are thin and vertical units that can be placed in corners or other places.

Most negative ion generators have modern designs, and some are very advanced. These devices are placed on the table or on the ground. There are no wall-mounted products, so limit your options.

On the other hand, HEPA air purifiers come in various shapes and sizes. You can choose matching products according to the room decoration style. Some products are wall-mounted, which means they can be placed anywhere indoors. In addition, there are more choices for the color and style of HEPA air purifiers.